Visiting Cat Ba, tourists can not only admire the charming natural seascape but also join the totally new experience – exploring the joyful Tra Bau fishing village.

Tra Bau is a fishing village in Cat Ba islandHaiphong. Different from the busy and bustling areas with various interesting activities in Halong bayLan Ha bay still preserves the wild beauty with many gorgeous spots which are less known and discovered, of which Tra Bau is one typical example.

How to visit

There are two ways to reach Tra Bau fishing village. Tourists can go from Tuan Chau pierHalong bay or Gia Luan wharfCat Ba island. All these ways are transported by speedboat. Tourists only need to contact in advance, and the speedboat will pick them up from Tuan Chau and take them straight to the fishing villagein only 20-25 minutes.

TIP: Visitors can book a tour in Tra Bau fishing village at some travel agencies doing this route for a wonderful experience in Cat Ba with less than VND 2,000,000/person (depending on the number of food portion and participant), including the cost of renting a speedboat to move in the island, preparing for a dining on the village with fresh seafood cooked in the traditional style of a fishing boat, renting a small boat and a kayak, and hiring fishing gear to be like a real fisherman, etc.

Many exciting activities in Tra Bau fishing village
Many exciting activities in Tra Bau fishing village

Best time to visit

Visitors can visit Tra Bau Cat Ba at any time of the year, but the most suitable is still around June and July. These are the ideal time for holidays, so that travelers can feel the fresh and cool sea breeze and avoid the heat of summer. For foreigners, they often visit Cat Ba in November to March, while domestic tourists love to visit Cat Ba from April to October.

Interesting activities

Living as a fisherman

Just spending one day, tourists can have a very enjoyable experience in Tra Bau fishing village as a real fisherman with diverse fishing activities of using net, fishing, and swimming. After equipped with full of fishing gear and tools such as sandals, iron cane to flip the rocks up to catch sea snails, hammers to break the shells of barnacles, and mustard to eat with living barnacles, tourists will kayak to discover Tra Bau and enter the fishing area that is allowed to exploit. There are many kinds of seafood to catch like sea snails, clams, and crabs, etc according to the criteria of civilization and environmental protection. Travelers can choose to take the bigger creatures to cook for lunch at the raft, and the smaller ones will be returned to the sea.

Playing as a pirate

One of the activities that creates the attraction and uniqueness of the Tra Bau Cat Ba tour is the interesting games and exchanges at the Pirate Club with foreign tourists. Playing the role of pirates and participating in series of exciting games such as “Great war of pirates”, “Rescue pirates”, and “Treasure hunt”, etc., tourists can also get the surprising and valuable rewards. The Tra Bau Pirates is also an ideal place for them to take the check-in pictures in this memorable adventure.

Being a pirate and see if someone has potential
Being a pirate and see if someone has potential

Kayaking and boating

In Tra Bau, visitors can take part in kayaking – an interesting activity for tourists in Cat Ba and Lan Ha to explore the pristine beauty of the village which is compared as a valley among the dreaming sea. In some tours, they also can join the boat racing program with the local fishermen to simulate the dragon boat racing festival in Lan Ha, Cat Ba in order to pray for peace.

Join seafood barbecue party

After the exhausted time of boating and taking pictures, travelers can cook a barbecue by themselves and enjoy the fresh seafood party on the raft of the Tra Bau Prites. The seafood is made from the famous products of Halong and is the result gained during the fishing trip between the vast space of the sea, so it will certainly give tourists a very exciting experience. Then visitors can relax at the Pirates Bar on the raft, drink a cocktail, lie on the beach, and enjoy the peaceful space of the fishing village in Cat Ba. Moreover, this place also provides the karaoke service for guests.

Holding BBQ party right on the raft
Holding BBQ party right on the raft

Besides the familiar tourist spots such as Cat Ba National ParkMonkey islandLan Ha, etc, with a lot of fun activities in Tra Bau fishing village, your adventure in Cat Ba  will be even more interesting. If this is helpful for you, please like and share with others. Thank you.

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