For a long time, Cat Ba Island is an ideal place for tourists in the hot summer days. When coming to Cat Ba, tourists not only swim on the beautiful beaches with white sand but also kayak to explore the rocky caves and mountains around the island. Here are our guide about kayaking and how to have a kayak in Cat Ba.

General information

Along with the crystal clear water, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba is like a green pearl shimmering in the northeast sea. In the heart of Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba, there are small sandy beaches scattered at the foot of the island forming the green and beautiful straits. In the blue sea water is the colorful coral reefs such as Van Boi island, Tai Keo, Sen island and Cu island.

Do you recognize Tom Hiddleston ?
Do you recognize Tom Hiddleston ?
Choosing a kayak to explore Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba island will bring new and wonderful experiences that cruise ships cannot have. Going through the small caves and islands, the kayak takes you to the foot of the rocky mountains, admire the lively landscapes of the sea under the blue water sparkling the sunshine. The boat is in the middle of a vast sea and sky, your hands touch in the clear water rising and falling with the echoing waves. At that time, you will see the affection of human with nature. You will see the charm of coral reefs and colorful fishes, as well as the images that you cannot find it anywhere.

How to rent Kayak in Cat Ba

If you go with a group of 15 or more people

How to rent Kayak in Cat Ba? If you travel with the group, you should rent a private Cat Ba kayak to explore Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba. Normally, a Cat Ba kayak rental for half a day at the bay is from 2.500.000 to 3.000.000 VND (excluding food). During the tour, you will go round in the bay, visit and swim on Monkey Island and go to the raft to rent a kayak.

In addition, you can buy a kayaking tour combining with one-day snorkeling. You will be transported to the most beautiful spots in Lan Ha Bay and kayak there. Besides, you can participate in snorkeling to see coral reefs and have lunch with a price of about 450,000 VND/ person.

With your own kayak, you can discoveer any places in the bay
With your own kayak, you can discoveer any places in the bay

If you go alone or a small group (from 3 to 5 people)

If you go alone, it will be a waste when hiring a big kayak. Instead, you can rent a private canoe for local people to go to Monkey Island. From Beo Wharf, there are many small fishermen’s boats to take you to Monkey Island. The rental cost for a boat is only 200.000 – 300.000 VND. How to have a kayak in Cat BaComing to the island, you can take a small Cat Ba kayak rental to explore the bay.

You can wander at Beo wharf and join with a group that has booked a big kayak to discover the bay and share the rental money.

Basic kayaking techniques for beginners

To begin kayaking, you sit in the boat. Then, you place your back close the seat, bend your knees and relax your body. Stretching your legs and feeting up a step is the appropriate place to set foot. If your legs are too straight, you will feel pressure on the lower back. If your legs are too curvy, they may collide with your knees when you paddle.

With the paddle position, you should start with the arms which are parallel to the middle and the width of your shoulder. When you put the paddle over the top of your head, the elbow should be create a 90-degree angle. The length of the paddle’s positions should be the same.

The kayaking rental price in Cat Ba

Here, you can rent a Cat Ba kayak for 2 people with the price of 50.000 VND / boat. You can take a kayak to explore the beautiful places that is not limited to time. However, you should kayak in 1 – 2 hours to avoid the tiredness.

Perfect couple moments in Cat Ba island

Where to kayaking

You will never forget the feeling of paddle kayak out to the sea, where the waves are bobbing, then back to the pristine islands to bathe. Enjoying the sea, you again row through the fishing village, through the rocky mountains in the bay. Kayaking is one of the most impressive experiences in Cat Ba. Lan Ha Bay and Bright and Dark caveVung Tra BauVan Boi beach are the most ideal locations for kayaking in Cat Ba.

We hope that our guide will help you have memorable moments  when kayaking in Cat Ba. To know more information about Cat Ba island tours, via our website La Pinta Cruise. Share this article if it is useful for you. Have a nice trip!

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